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Welcome to Mt. Adams Institute

At the end of road nestled into a small organic farming valley at the base of a volcano, lies the Mt. Adams Institute. And the start of your next life adventure. Explore our programs. Meet our staff. Plan your visit.

Our Partners

Mt. Adams Institute works with a wide range of partners to increase the impact of our programs while furthering the missions of our supporting organizations. Interested in joining in on our collective efforts?

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Mountain Talk

2014 Public Lands Stewards: Lumber Jack Transformation?

Well, I’m only six days late posting my first update. I’m going with the physical exhaustion defense. Imagine hiking a trail, but stopping every fifteen minutes or so to work out on a bowflex. That is what trail bucking is like, at least if I’m imagining correctly what it’s like to us
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2014 Public Lands Stewards: Settling In

Gray Grandy: 2014 Public Lands Steward on the Okanogan Wenatchee Forest shares his thoughts on “Settling In” to his new home in the North Cascades Driving day is always filled with mixed emotions, but consistently dominated by the excitement to be moving on to a new advent
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